How to troubleshoot when Windows says Improved Image: To get Windows settings, press + win R and run the firewall program. Command Set In the adjacent sidebar, you can select the “Restore Defaults” link and then click on it. In the new “Restore” button window, select “Default”.

When using the TeleSign API, users need the position code or error codes included in the response content to override the use of the HTTP prefix state.

Status codes in the TeleSign API can be three or four digits long. Error laws are five-digit.

An economic year with an intermediate code may subsequently be given a different status. Anyone with a mandatory code will change their status in the future.

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blocked the call before it went through. Based on your previous request to block this phone number.

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< td >TeleSign will block the message, actually to the sent phone number, many of which are globally blacklisted.

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< td>Message successfully sent, working with delivery, but not receiving final confirmation of sending to the phone, while MO sent successfully, final, but not receiving confirmation of delivery to the phone

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How do I restore Windows Defender firewall?

How do I fix my firewall on Windows 10?

To open Windows Firewall settings, Win+Run, click Firewall. order set
In the left sidebar, find the main linkku settings “Restore to default” and unzip it.
Click the “Restore Default” button in the new window.reset
Confirm your Windows Firewall settings by clicking Yes.

How do I fix my firewall settings?

Click the current start button, then type firewall in the windows search box.
Click “Windows Firewall”, then select the “Allow through Windows Firewall via Function” class.
click the main button Change settings. If the User Account Control window appears, click Yes or enter your username and password, then click OK.

How to troubleshoot when Windows says Improved
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status code Related /th>
100 Call api< Answered call The call came from a site user could and/or be sent to voicemail. Check
101 No voice response No one answered the call. Voice td confirmation
103 Call in progress Call in progress. You will receive an immediate decision from TeleSign when you help make a request, usually with an It status. Eventually, when you retrieve the state information, it is converted into an individual state code. Language Verify
105 Call not verified yet No, haven’t tried it yet. Check
106 voice >Call failed Call was redirected. when a telesign occurs when upstream providers cannot complete all calls. Sometimes retrying may work. Voice confirmation
107 line The line was busy because the call was directed to a specific user on this device. Voice
108 check Call terminated TeleSign< /td>

Call interrupted by TV signal.Check
129 At Request Voice Call Connected

TeleSign Voice confirmation
130 Call blocked by TeleSign television signal, meaning that it can become a submitted phone number that is likely to be blacklisted globally. Voice to verify
200 Handset delivered SMS delivered to user’s phone. Final SMS, SMS check
201 Message read normally Message sent end user read . Final Message
203 Delivered to the gateway SMS on was delivered to the gateway thus it is. If the gateway continues to act according to the information from (including the successful delivery of mail fromfor delivering a phone failure), the reputation will be updated. Enter SMS, send confirmation SMS
207 Error SMS to unknown phone) (reason SMS could not be sent to the end user’s mobile phone for unknown reason Final SMS, confirmation SMS
210 Temporary error on single call Unable to send SMS on-hook due to temporary error with phone Examples – Off, phone never had enough memory to store Final e-mail address error phone via SMS SMS confirmation
211 Failed to send a permanent SMS to the phone due to a complete failure of the phone. : ringtone with incompatible OR text stored illegally on the network Can this happen when “phone volume is blacklisted or provided is probably incorrect? Final SMS not sent, cannot be verified
220 Co communication about gateway/network route The network cannot route your message to the address You received this phone. Final SMS Sms, Confirmation
221 Message completed before delivery Forwarded to be queued by mobile operator and timed out before how it will be possible to deliver the phone to. Final SMS, confirmation by SMS
222 SMS is practically not supported SMS is not supported from -for a specific phone, operator, user, result plan or. SMS, confirmation SMS
229 Message blocked for request This law may occur because you requested a ban or because TeleSign was blocked directly on your behalf. Blocking means custom that it also does not propagate to others.
230 TeleSign message blocked SMS , SMS verification
Invalid/Not supported Thoughts not supported. SMS, confirmation by SMS
Message due to high risk assessment. reason Was that the risk score for the destination number is higher than the configured maximum risk, which contradicts the result. This is the reason Telesign didn’t send every single SMS we sent.
234 Threshold price check exceeded Message not sent due to overprice.
237 Message blocked in the correct country You requested a blocking of messages in each specific country, and this message was sent to that country. SMS
238 Blocked destination by prefix You have blocked telephone numbers with a specific type of prefix. SMS
250 The final SMS name may not be determined. SMS, SMS Verify
251 the message was completed successfully If device The product will not be fully returned to the gateway, but we will not be able to confirm delivery to the phone, possince today we do not have final receipts for the delivery of the smartphone in this region. NOTE. Most likely this message was sent successfully for the phone in use. SMS,

SMS to verify transaction
286 SMS messages are no longer blocked because the phone type is not one of the following types: mobile, prepaid, personal, or pager SMS
290 Message with message progress who is in the sent SMS gateway name. Get an immediate response again from When you make a request, usually in this usage status. If you receive information about their reputation later, other status codes will be displayed. SMS, Confirmation Sms
291 queued by TV signal TV signal is unusually large and this SMS is in the queue. SMS, SMS check
Gateway Queue td> The SMS gateway queued the message normally. SMS confirmation
sms, >295 Delayed status The status of all sms is temporarily unavailable. SMS, Verification by < sms
300 Transaction completed successfully The system was able to get all the requested facts for the PhoneID.