How to Fix CMOS Checksum Error in Windows 10

Clearing your motherboard’s CMOS will reset your company’s BIOS settings to their defaults. The settings chosen by the motherboard designer were those that a large percentage of users would use. One of the reasons you might need a CMOS clear is to repair or Cmos Blend some computer problems or hardware compatibility issues.

If you have a Windows computer (PC) that keeps losing time/date/year, read this guide to fix the problem. If your computer does not save the clock settings after the battery is turned off, the CMOS is probably dead. Battery – The cmos is a special internal battery on the motherboard that presumably powers the chip (an additional metal oxide based CMOS semiconductor). The CMOS processor chip, also known as the BIOS chip, is probably a small memory that stores your strategy configuration information.

The Informative BIOS is used during the system boot process (when you turn on your PC) to recognize and thus manage the hardware embedded in the motherboard of mobile phones and to ensure that everything works properly.x components of your PC using the power supply. – Self test (POST). post after the BIOS will load the operating system on the computer’s hard drive and provide system information to the operating system. of One of the BIOS functions that constantly maintains the current date/time/year on the internal clock. So if the battery runs out of CMOS, the PC will waste time.

Method 1: Replace the CMOS battery.

The most common reason for most computers to lose time settings is a bad CMOS battery, especially when the date resets to January 01, 2009, and sometimes 00:00:00 on.


To find out if the CMOS battery is low, enter the BIOS and enter the current date, time, year, and time. Then “Save and Exit” them in the BIOS settings, then turn off the computer. Also disconnect all power sources from the computer and remove the battery if you only have one laptop. Turn off your family’s computer for 2-3 hours, then turn it on again. basic If the settings are incorrect, the CMO battery is almost certainly dead.

1. You turned off your computer.
2. Opene computer case.
3. Find out where the CMOS battery is located on the motherboard. If someone can’t find where the CMOS batteries are on the motherboard, refer to the motherboard manual. Note:

*Many weather conditions require you to move the battery CMOS release lever forward to disconnect the first battery.

5. I would suggest replacing the battery* with a new one.
5.Turn on the system and then adjust most of the time settings.

Method 2. You check the contacts of the CMOS battery holder.

The rarest way your computer will lose this time is because the car’s battery contacts are loose or broken. So disassemble the CMOS battery and therefore check the battery of the CMOS contacts. If the cmos clamp battery ever runs out, it may need to be loosened (perhaps without contact). In this approach, try gently pulling or tightening the connections as appropriate. Replace the battery and turn on the computer.

A couple of methods. Set your current timezone.

If the time in Windows is displayed frequently withcurrent time, you may not have set the current time zone in Windows. The time zone used by Windows to match the time of a time server using the Internet. If your time or location is incorrect, the computer resets the time to the normally set time zone after a reboot.

1. Right-click the system clock on the taskbar and select Adjust Date/Time.
2.Set your current timezone *

*Note. If you’re using Windows 10, turn off “Automatically set duration zone”.

Method documentation. Check your computer for malware. reason Other

One of the reasons for the loss of WINDOWS time was settings, software infection with malware. To protect your computer from malware and viruses, follow the steps outlined in this helpful information: How to check your computer for other malware and viruses (Malware Removal Guide).>


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CMOS Error Message

How do I fix the CMOS error on my computer?

Restart your desktop. A normal reboot usually generates a no Checksum corrects certain errors.
download the BIOS entry and flash it. Update Download from the website of the motherboard manufacturer.
Reset BIOS.
Replace CMOS battery.
Contact a computer technician or computer repair technician.

CMOS checksum error usually occurs when your computer cannot read the boot information or some of the data provided by CMOS and therefore does not match the BIOS data. Basically, the CMOS checksum error occurs due to data incompatibility between CMOS and BIOS.

How To Fix This Error

There are several ways to fix this and it’s a bug, almost always safe methods. But truth be told, you’ll be safe, so it’s a good idea to get full insurance before using these methods.

2. Check CMOS Battery

The CMOS version is powered by 1 battery; The product is different from this battery that powers your computer. The CMOS battery is very small.Small and hidden under a cover almost in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe motherboard. This will find and replace it, and the underlying error will never happen again.

4. Restart Your Computer

One of the previous methods should fix the CMOS checksum error, but if none of them worked, you can reset your computer to a previous state. This process is almost irreversible, and you will lose every new file or data on your PC. Therefore, you should back up all your personal data and files before resetting the operating system or personal data yourself.

What Causes A Checksum Error?

There can be many reasons why this error occurs when trying to log in to your PC, but the most common causes of CMOS checksum errors are:

  • Forced Shutdown
  • Outdated or corrupted BIOS
  • Mainboard battery damaged

Increment By 1
  • Poor/Death. Restart PC

Firstly, if everyone gets an error message, just turn off the computer p as usual and edit At new. In most cases, this trick works by default and most people no longer see CMOS checksum management.

3. Reconfigure The BIOS

If you try the two methods above and they don’t work, consider resetting your PC’s BIOS personally. If Is-BIOS is corrupted, your error may appear on the screen. Reset or BIOS update steps for different computer models.

How Can You Protect Your Data Before You Start Using Your Computer?

Does CMOS battery affect computer?

Removing the battery allows your computer’s CMO to work, but you lose our own setup dates and times, which are p . C loads the default BIOS settings or you have to think about the drive where the operating system is installed every time you start the computer.

You need software, a tool that supports data backup. To restore a DiskInternals partition, one is enough with applications such as those that can be used to back up free data. This software application is primarily a computer file recovery solution for the Windows operating system, but also includes several rich features, including disk imaging.

A disk token is a type of data that, in most cases, isThe backups are simply cloned to the local disk of the canopy. Usually saves to all the selected drive with certain drive configurations. This way, every time you resend a drive, the PC image restores it exactly to the state it was in when the backup was created.

To create a disk image using Partition Recovery, diskinternals do the following:


How do you reset the CMOS on a computer?

Turn off your computer.
Unplug your computer from the electrical outlet.
Press our power button several times to remove all supercapacitors.
Locate the direct CMOS battery on the motherboard.
Carefully remove the CMOS battery.
wait a few minutes and replace the expired CMOS battery.

How to Fix CMOS Checksum Error in Windows 10
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