Continuous Research Services (CRS)

CRS is Saugatuck Technology’s premium subscription research and advisory service.

Who is it for: CRS is specifically developed to be of value for both technology provider strategists and executives (Application ISVs, Infrastructure / Middleware providers, SaaS / Cloud providers, HW vendors, Consultants / SIs / VARs, Hosters, Telecom providers), as well as information technology (IT)  executives and business leaders responsible for IT-led initiatives. 

Key areas of focus include:

•    Key Industry Trends
•    Market Models
•    3- and 5-year Scenarios & Frameworks
•    Business & IT Buyer Adoption / Behavior
•    Evolving Business & Deployment Models
•    Risk / Reward and Decision Frameworks
•    Industry Best Practices
•    Impact of Disruptive Technologies
•    Changing Routes-to-Market

Core CRS Deliverables

•    4-7 page Strategic Perspectives
•    20-50 page Market (Data) Reports
•    10-25 page Strategic Research Reports
•    10-15 page Leadership/Management Reports
•    Analyst Inquiry

The Core Value: CRS provides unbiased analysis, insight and guidance into key industry trends, buyer behavior, "white-space" opportunities and disruptive market forces impacting enterprise IT. We are experts in Cloud across its many forms (e.g., Software-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, Infrastructure-as-a-Service), Mobile, Social, Advanced Analytics and IoT, among other key trends and technologies reshaping enterprise IT strategies and the shift toward the Boundary-free Enterprise™.

CRS helps technology providers accelerate growth through our ongoing strategic intelligence and market insight, and by identifying new business opportunities and strategies that help win, keep and grow customers. In addition, CRS provides business and IT leaders with the means to harvest the economic value of the Cloud. This includes strategies and tactics to save money and make money in new ways, and to leverage these disruptive technologies without them disrupting you.

We regularly survey the market, and are big proponents of conducting buyer-behavior research that helps guide our insights, analysis and actionable recommendations. We undertake extensive research programs throughout the year that include global web surveys as well as extensive interviewing of senior business, finance and IT decision makers – to get first hand insight into evolving market demand, investment priorities, as well as the business value that executives are deriving from their new IT initiatives.

Representative Key Issues for Providers

  • What are the key technology and market trends impacting enterprise IT and business?
  • How are emerging technologies changing the way that buyers consume and gain value from IT?
  • How will enterprise IT evolve over the next 5 years - and how will that impact IT providers?
  • What are the most important business application, middleware, infrastructure & services opportunities?
  • What is the Boundary-free Enterprise™ and Cloud IT, and how can providers and buyers successfully transition to / monetize their investments?
  • How are emerging trends reshaping partner ecosystems and routes-to-market?

Representative Key Issues for Business and IT Leaders

  • What is the business value of the Boundary-free Enterprise™, and how is that best realized and managed?
  • How are technologies such as Cloud, Mobility, Social Computing and Advanced Analytics affecting the planning, management, and costs of business and IT?
  • Where are the best and greatest internal and external opportunities enabled by the shift to the Boundary-free Enterprise™?
  • How are enterprise leaders successfully managing / governing the roll-out of Anytime/Anyplace Hybrid-Computing?
  • What are the Best Practices for acquiring and managing Cloud-based services?

Representative Research Topics

  • Business Process-as-a-Service (BPaaS)
  • Business Intelligence / Advanced Analytics
  • CIO Spending Priorities / IT Economics
  • Cloud Development / PaaS
  • Cloud IT / Cloud Business
  • Collaboration
  • Emerging Technology Trends
  •  Enterprise IT Leadership
  • Integration
  • IT Platforms / Infrastructure
  • IT Mgmt
  • Mobility
  • Social Computing / Collaboration
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Business Apps
  • IoT

To learn more about CRS, contact your local Saugatuck account executive at +1-203-454-3900, or email us at