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30 May 2014

What is a Digital Business Anyway?



The foundation of Digital Business is the Boundary-free Enterprise™, which is made possible by an array of time- and location-independent computing capabilities – Cloud, Mobile, Social and Data Analytics plus Sensors and APIs – with Integration as the glue to enable synergy and leverage business value. The Digital Business Transformation leads to an easy-to-use-and-access platform on demand, enabling analytics-based insights and behaviors, empowering knowledge workers through data and collaboration and ongoing enhancement through innovation. The keys to Digital Business Transformation from an operational point of view can also be applied to the provision of digital solutions, but there are no shortcuts.

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  • Document Type: Strategic Perspective
  • Research Category: Business Strategy / MGMT, Cloud Business, IT Spending / Priorities / Economics
  • Author: Mike West
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Mike West

Research Fellow
Vineyard Haven, MA

Mike West is a Research Fellow with Saugatuck Technology. His areas of research and consulting expertise include the Cloud Ecosystem, ISVs in transition to SaaS, Cloud Monetization, Billing and Payments, Cloud Development and Integration platforms, and Mobile Commerce.

In 2000, Mr. West joined Saugatuck as a co-founder after leaving Gartner, Inc., where he served as Vice President and Research Director. In 2004-5, Mr. West spent a year in Washington, D.C. at the Corporate Executive Board as Practice Manager of the Information Risk Executive Council, before returning to work at Saugatuck and re-focusing his interests on the Cloud. Prior to Gartner, Mr. West was at Apple, Fidelity Systems and John Hancock. He has written and presented research on a wide range of technology topics and issues. 

Mr. West has an A.B. from Williams College , M.A. from Johns Hopkins University and M.B.A. from the Boston College Graduate School of Management. He has taught IT Strategies in M.B.A. programs at the Boston College Graduate School of Management and at the Haas School of the University of California at Berkeley.