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10 April 2014

Digital Marketing Leads Digital Business


What is Happening?

During Marketo's 3-day Marketing Nation Summit in San Francisco this week, Saugatuck noticed several developments that attest to the rapidly-growing influence of Marketing as a locus and shaper of Cloud Business and the growing shift toward “digital business” strategies.

The event drew 6,000 attendees this year, up from 2,500 in 2013. Marketo itself introduced a slew of updates and changes, including an updated user interface, new real-time personalization capabilities for websites, and a new dashboard view that can become a portal for other applications in the Marketo partner ecosystem.

It was clear that Marketo and its partners are intent on expanding their audience beyond the core technology and startup businesses that have been their earliest adopters to include larger and more traditional types of enterprises, including Kaiser Permanente, CA Technologies, and General Electric (GE) – with GE CMO Beth Comstock keynoting on the third day of the event.

The scope of Marketo’s ecosystem is also growing rapidly to include numerous integrations, applications, analytics solutions, data analytics platforms, etc. “Marketing is a team sport” was a mantra oft-heard in presentations, and Marketo’s partner network was no exception, with many vendors offered services to help expand the capabilities of Marketo’s core service, as well as to tie Marketo data together with CRM systems such as Salesforce.

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Alex Bakker

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Prior to Saugatuck, Alex worked as an IT consultant where he provided server maintenance and IT continuity support to businesses and public sector clients for two years.
Alex is a Whitman College alumnus, where he earned a Bachelor's Degree in Economics.