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11 April 2014

Cut, Cut, Cut – What’s Driving Cloud Pricing These Days



In recent weeks Amazon, Google, and Microsoft have all announced another round of reductions in pricing for various facets of their Cloud offerings. In fact, Amazon touted their announcement as their 42nd price reduction. Some pundits and media have highlighted the collective announcements as similar to “price wars” that sometimes occur in sales of retail products. And, some analysts have projected that additional Cloud providers will soon roll out price reductions to remain competitive. In this Strategic Perspective, we look at the underlying implications of price reductions, and we offer projections of how the Cloud market is beginning to change.

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  • Document Number: 1356MKT
  • Document Type: Strategic Perspective
  • Research Category: Industry Best Practices, IT Platforms / Infrastructure, IT Spending / Priorities / Economics
  • Author: Charlie Burns
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Charlie Burns

Vice President
Westport, CT

Charlie Burns is a Vice President in Saugatuck Technology’s research organization, focusing on IT services and management, and on disruptive IT systems technologies. With more than 30 years experience in IT, Charlie is an established expert in IT product and marketing management, and in IT user issues and requirements.

After 26 years with IBM in technical support, product development, and product marketing, Charlie became a Research Director at Gartner Group in 1993. In 1998 he joined Giga Information Group as Research VP. In 2000, Charlie rejoined Gartner to manage the relationships with two of its largest vendor clients. Since 2006, Charlie has led Saugatuck’s technology infrastructure and systems practice.

Charlie received a BS in Computer Engineering from Case Institute of Technology in Cleveland, Ohio.