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10 April 2014

Managing In The Fog of Cloud Competition



In 2003, former US Secretary of Defense and World Bank CEO Robert S. McNamara was the subject of an Academy award-winning American documentary film entitled “The Fog of War: Eleven Lessons from the Life of Robert S. McNamara.”  In the film, director Errol Morris interviews McNamara about eleven “lessons” contained in McNamara’s 1995 book, In Retrospect: The Tragedy and Lessons of Vietnam. The conditions, thinking, and actions described in those lessons are particularly well-suited to complex and rapidly-changing business environments, such as those enabled, driven, and shaped by Cloud IT. This Strategic Perspective reviews McNamara’s 11 lessons with an eye toward understanding and managing strategy in Cloud IT markets.

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  • Document Number: 1355STR
  • Document Type: Strategic Perspective
  • Research Category: Enterprise IT Leadership, Industry Best Practices, IT Vendors
  • Author: Bruce Guptill
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Bruce Guptill

Senior Vice President and Head of Research
Falmouth, MA

Saugatuck SVP and Head of Research Bruce Guptill’s research and expertise focus on the changing business of IT includes software and services, collaborative IT, web commerce, telecom, and electronic marketplaces. His work for enterprise IT and business clients includes total cost of IT ownership, and business planning for new types of IT. And his insight and guidance on IT vendor channel management, market identification and development, and buyer behavior analysis has enabled hundreds of established and startup IT providers to find, enter, and profit from new and traditional markets, while helping to guide user enterprise leaders toward optimal IT procurement and vendor management.

In addition to multiple decades of IT industry and market strategy development, Guptill holds an MBA in marketing and finance, and a BA in the psychology and business of mass media communication. Married with three children, Guptill resides on Cape Cod in southeastern Massachusetts, and is a lifelong fan of the Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, and the University of Connecticut Huskies.