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04 April 2014

Indian IT in Transition – Moving Beyond Outsourcing



Indian Information Technology providers have become a potent force in global IT resourcing, largely through its outsourcing capabilities. After a decade and a half, the sector is maturing, and Indian companies are looking at new opportunities. At the same time, the pure outsourcing model is under threat, forcing these companies to rethink their business.

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  • Document Number: 1353MKT
  • Document Type: Strategic Perspective
  • Research Category: Digital Business / Cloud Business, IT Vendors, Outsourcing / IT Services
  • Author: BJ Dooley
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Brian Dooley

Strategy Consultant
Christchurch, New Zealand

Brian J. Dooley is a Strategy Consultant and Associate Research Analyst with Saugatuck Technology. Originally from the US, Mr. Dooley now resides in New Zealand – providing global and regional insight and market analysis on a wide range of technologies, including business intelligence, collaboration, cloud computing, agile software development, as well as international telecommunications.

Mr. Dooley is an author, analyst, and journalist with more than 30 years' experience in analyzing and writing about trends in IT. He has written six books, numerous user manuals, hundreds of reports, and more than 1,000 magazine features. Previously, he was a Senior Analyst for Datapro (Gartner), and a Senior Product Information Specialist for Unisys Corp. As an independent analyst, he has worked with many of the top firms in the research and analysis industry, as well as for industry clients around the globe.

Mr. Dooley is a graduate of McGill University, with graduate work at the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School in Cybernetics, Information Theory, Statistics and Communications. He initiated and is on the board for the Graduate Diploma of Technical Communication program at Christchurch Institute of Technology, and he was on the editorial advisory board for Faulkner Technical Reports.