[Guide 2021] How to solve the problem of moving icons on the desktop

Recent versions of Windows 10, includingThe upcoming Fall Creators Update contain some bug affecting scrolling, most commonly associated with desktop icons.

If you try to move the icon to a certain leftmost part of the computer, you may find that it reverts back to its original vacation position when you try.

I’d say it doesn’t always happen, but when an idea comes up, it’s annoying. Essentially, this means that the hardest part is repositioning Windows 10 desktop icons and helping you place them individually on the desktop side.


You have the option of making sure you check the “Align icons to grid” box, which will take care of that. Right-click an empty space on your desktop and choose View > Snap Icons To Grid to activate this feature. You can repeat a certain operation to disable it again in the future.

How to change the windows-10 desktop icon size?

This solves the problem of icon bouncing, but may show large discrepancies between individual PCs and shortcuts.

Although there is no pr To change the spacing between icons in Windows 10 settings, you can most likely change the spacing directly in the Windows registry:

  1. Press the Windows key, such as regedit.exe, and press Enter to launch the Windows Registry Editor.
  2. Accept the UAC prompt that appears.
  3. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics.
  4. IconSpacing sets the horizontal spacing. The default value is -1725 and you can set it between -480 and -2730. In Windows 8.1, the default was set to -1125, which meant the icons looked better horizontally.
  5. IconVerticalSpacing sets the vertical spacing. The default is As-1725 and the same minimum and/or maximum values ​​as IconSpacing.

Note that you can restart your computer or close and restart File Explorer to see the changes.

Professionals at Deskmodder came up with a second option to avoid issues with skipping icons when displaying an icon title on the Windows 10 desktop.

You have discovered that the most important thing is where the mouse pointer is when Dragging icons. If you place your mouse cursor on the far left, I would say on the side of the icon, when you start dragging it yourself, you should focus on moving the image more successfully.

Now you: Have you noticed these issues with dragging icons in Windows 10?

Find out how to fix the annoying “jumping icons” issue in Windows 10 when dragging desktop icons to the left side of the screen.

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How do I fix the icons on my computer?

If you’re having an issue with Windows 10 desktop templates moving around on their own or rebuilding after a reboot, you’ve come to the right place because this post is sure to tell you how to fix the specific issue so you can fix it. . You can read this report, for exampleUse the MiniTool to get our methods.

Do you know what the various blue symbols on the icons mean? Do you even know how to remove the two blue arrows on the icons? You can get answers from which post.

Are you worried that your icons are constantly moving around on your PC? Or are you just looking for ways to efficiently organize your icons? If you really have any of these issues with both, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you will learn how to organize the icons on your computer’s desktop and prevent them from moving around.

  • How to arrange icons on the desktop.
  • How to prevent icons from accidentally moving around the screen.

How To Set Desktop Icons

It takes a few steps to finally organize your desktop icons. How to choose:

1) Right-click on an empty area next to the desktop to open the context menu.

2) Click “Sort By” and choose an option (name, size, item shape, or modified date) from the awesome menu. These commands specify how the icons should be laid out.

3) Your desktop icons should now look neat. Also, if you don’t want to manually arrange the main icons, you can click View > Auto Arrange Icons and let Windows do it for you.

These are our own simple and helpful steps to help you organize your desktop types. If you want to block a location, be sure to skip to the next part.

How To Prevent Accidental Movement Other Icons On The PC Desktop

What do the icons on my WiFi analyzer screen mean?

It’s very annoying that the icons on your computer’s desktop are constantly moving around. They just want them to run away to where they need to be instead of roaming back and forth like a rover. If so, you should continue with the steps below to lock desktop icons.

1) Right click on an empty website on your desktop to open the context menu. Click View, then click Snap Icons to Grid. Make sure “Automatic iconanalysis.net Arrangement” is unchecked.

3) png In the pop-up window, select Themes in the left pane. Then just click “Desktop Icon Options” in the pop-up window.

4) Be sure to uncheck “Allow themes to change desktop icons”. Then click OK to save your changes.

How do I fix the alignment on my desktop icons?

5) Run a full spore and malware scan while your antivirus program is running to make sure your computer is not infected. With

6) After all the actual steps above are done, you should recently check if the charts are still moving randomly.

That’s all for now: have you overcome the above tricks? If you have any other questions or perhaps ideas, feel free to comment below. Thanks for checking and good luck, one person will do it all!

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How do I restore my desktop icon positions?

How do I fix my desktop icons?

Right-click on a nice empty space on your desktop.
In the tree menu, click the View option to expand the options.
Make sure “Show desktop icons” is checked.
Your icon should immediately reappear.

[Guide 2021] How to solve the problem of moving icons on the desktop
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