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Campus reform takes a very close look at the extent to which it creates problems in academia. First

On bulletin boards in its offices, the newsletter lists online numbers related to its mission to expose liberal “bias and near-abuse” universities in America. As of mid-August, I would say that the board of directors has published over 530 articles, seven of which have been published in The Report, which is a conservative online news platform that attracts the general public. News, fox 43 times elsewhere on TV.

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Campus Reform keeps an eye on how much headache this is causing in academia.

On a real dry-erase board in his offices, all online counters posted are clearly linked to a mission to expose the lavish “bias and abuse” at American universities. As of mid-August, the table published this year had over 530 listings, seven of which were sourced from the Drudge Report, a conservative online newsletter site that attracts a large audience. The reporter’s son has been interviewed 27 times on Fox News and 43 times on TV friend.

Most importantly, he says, he had 30 “wins” – a term that applies to any situation where the university changes political licensee, friend, or otherwise responds to issues raised in the past and published onhis website.

In recent years, Campus Reform and a similar publication, College Fix, the ideological struggle of the academies has become an important factor. Both regularly force leaders and faculty colleges on the defensive by publishing articles about liberal bias or indoctrination. of each has demonstrated a knack for generating outrage by creating stories that only go viral through emotional media. Curated and radio-course sites and direct-to-cable TV expand their reach by collecting their stories. Seeing themselves as friendly competitors committed to the same cause, each of the two current publications cites the other’s work.

While many educators and school administrators consider Reform Campus and The College to be biased scoops and fixes, there is no doubt that their ability to reach large audiences could expose colleges and universities to intense public pressure.

For example, late last month, Washington State’s campus reform sparked a nationwide controversy at the university.Following reports that professors were allegedly encouraged by some students to use terms such as “illegal aliens”. According to the Campus Reform website, this article has been cited by conservative blogs and has been replied to over 30,000 times on social media (Campus Reform had over 42,000 followers on Facebook and Facebook, and over 55,000 on Twitter.a course to give students the right to freedom of expression.

The college fix has caused the same uproar as it did last spring when it was revealed that the University of Michigan cancelled a sanctioned screening of American Sniper because of Ann Arbor, prompting theaters to complain about negative stereotypes about Muslims. Organizations

Both agencies expect reporters affiliated with journalism colleges to pay US$50 per article and offer training for a career in the media. Their editorial models help them maintain large reserves of private, cheap labor. There are enough magazines sold online to get noticed.

Having nationwide networks of corresOn campus, “the two publications serve a very important purpose,” says George Leaf, director of research for the right-wing journal John William Pope Center for Higher Education Phi Beta Chronicle Cons. Example: “This is someone you can find in Marine Scouts. Our abilities really show up on the spot.

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Right Campus

so The College Fix does not hide its ideological predilections. This is shown in their use of information programs and images of colleges left affected by and unwanted liberal tyranny. Recent university reform headlines include “Atheist Organization Targets Football Chaplains Tech and Schools” “UCLA Student Criticism: My Stamp Column> Was Already Sexist.” A recent headline College by Fix: “UNC Says 9/11 Literature Module Sympathizes with Terrorists and Depicts US as Imperialist.” / R

S. Blackwell, president of our own institute, conservative family advocacy leader in campus names, reform,above all in higher education, by “center-left indoctrination”. Cabbani, editor of Jennifer’s College the fix, has a similar view of science: “There are many professors who openly and vehemently despise America.”

While almost every newspaper article complains about it, the objections of some scholars to campus reform and college fixes are very useful, and they go far beyond claims of minor inaccuracies or biased wording and assertions about what elements were appropriate at the remote base.

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