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An unlocked file operation now fails with error% 5. According to Microsoft: EXPLANATION: The antivirus scanner might have accidentally quarantined the file, or a reasonable backup process might temporarily deny access. Open file operation will fail with error %5. According to Microsoft: EXPLANATION: An antivirus may have accidentally quarantined a file, or a backup process […]

What is A52 Audio?

g. A / 52 (A52) is usually the same as AC-3 (AC3), i.e. Dolby Digital. Dolby Audio Coding-3 (AC-3) information encoding and compression technology used Dolby to create “Dolby Digital”. Dolby Digital is the de facto trademark of the AC-3 digital https://betaologist.com/en/a52-audio-codec/ coding system. A/52 (A52) is basically the same as AC-3 (AC3), which is […]

Reinstall Windows 7 Without Cd Hp Laptop

The file njeeves.exe is a software section Norman NJeeves or Norman Virus Control by Norman ASA. This file is installed with Norman Security Suite to enable real-time, logical, secure web browsing. The .exe extension in a filename usually means an executable file. The executable files are likely to damage his computer in some cases. Therefore, […]

Repair tips how to repair a computer

If you can visit websites and you can now, try resetting your network hardware. This often resolves connection issues with modems and routers. Unplug the modem’s power cord and unplug the router’s power cord (if you have one). Wait about thirty seconds, then reconnect your computer. How do I fix my computer troubleshooting? Free up […]

Saugatuck’s Cloud Survey Data Report: Hang On for Total Cloud Impact

What is Happening? Saugatuck’s recently-published 2013 global Cloud adoption and use research study predicts that, within 2 to 3 years, explosive global growth in Cloud development, adoption, and use will eclipse any growth numbers and rates previously seen or predicted. The 2013 study, available to Saugatuck subscription research clients, integrates analysis of this year’s data […]

Adaptive Insights and the CPM Value Shift

In preparation for this week’s Adaptive Live event, Saugatuck’s Bill McNee and Bruce Guptill were briefed by company execs on Adaptive Insights’ business plans, go-to-market strategy, and latest developments. Our net takeaway: The advent of the Boundary-free Enterprise™ is changing what we think of as CPM and BI, and even FP&A, which in turn is changing the role, […]


The Cloud Transformation Mar 07 Posted by Alex Bakker in Lens360 A new video from Saugatuck Technology analyst Mike West. Continue reading Mike West, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, Cloud The iPad2 and Enterprise Mobility Management Mar 03 Posted by Alex Bakker in Lens360 Yesterday’s iPad2 announcement punctuated a flurry of tablet device announcements in recent weeks. […]

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